Ageas Life Insurance

ageas life insurance                      Ageas Life Insurance

Ageas has three specific Life insurance plans, each designed to suit your individual needs:

YourLife Plan, which provides Term Assurance, Critical Illness Cover, Family Income Benefit and also Income Protection.

Low Start Plan offers the same fantastic cover as YourLife Plan Term Assurance and Critical Illness with Term Assurance but for a lower starting cost, the premiums increase over the term of this cover and are guaranteed at outset.

Real Life Cover is recommended for customers who are aware that they need more than just Life Assurance but view the regular products as too expensive or complicated. This plan has a package of seven covers along with the option of unemployment insurance.

Whatever your requirements are you can compare Ageas life insurance plans with hundreds of other plans from UK’s top life insurers by completing our short form. You will receive a free quote provided by an experienced FSA adviser who will offer you all the help and advice you need and explain things to you in words that you can understand with no jargon and complicated financial terms so you can rest assured about making the best decision possible knowing that if the unexpected were to happen your loved ones will be safe.