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Life insurance is something that many people have, which is the safe and responsible decision, but there are also a number of persons who are not considering life insurance which could occur for a number of reasons like a lack of money, but it could also just be an oversight. It could also be complacency too, with an attitude of “I’m all right, nothing is going to happen to me”, but unfortunately accidents do happen, and they happen at a time when we least expect them to.

That is why a life insurance policy is something that we should all have, as it offers peace of mind to the holder knowing that their family will receive a lump sum on the misfortunate event of them passing away.

Phoenix Life Insurance is a company that has been around for a number of years now, in fact their first polices were introduced as long ago as 1786, so they have many years of experience behind them in dealing with life insurance.

You may be looking to invest some money in a long term savings plan, a plan that has life insurance added to it, or you may simply be looking for a new life insurance policy. You may of course want to make plans for your funeral as well, because you can now take out a policy that will cover your expenses for this too.

Phoenix Life Insurance boasts a great and dedicated team of individuals, people who understand your needs and are here to help you find the correct insurance policy for you. You have the option of comparing Phoenix Life Insurance plans with hundreds of other insurers to receive the best quote on your life insurance and save up to 30%, totally free. You can complete our short form to get a personalized quote suited for your particular needs and a guarantee of the best price on the market!

Take the baby boomer’s for instance, people who were born between the years of 1946 and 1964. Next year, 2014, will see the last of them reach 50, an age that many people consider an appropriate time to take out a life insurance policy.

If you decide to compare Phoenix Life Insurance against the market you will find that they have policies for the over 50′s, polices that start at just £5 a month, with payments being fixed for life, and you might even get your first months premium for free.

Unlike some insurance polices the Phoenix Life Insurance over 50′s life insurance will see no health questions asked and you will not need to undergo a medical examination either. If the unfortunate were to happen and you should die as a cause of an accident, even if it is during the first two years of your policy, Phoenix Life will payout the guaranteed lump sum. Also once you have been paying your premiums for two years they will also pay out the fixed lump sum should you pass away.

The Phoenix Life Insurance over 50′s policy is available to anyone who resides in the United Kingdom and is between the ages of 50 and 85. It will offer you that all important peace of mind, but it will also offer your loved ones pay for your funeral or help with any outstanding bills you may have. It could of course act as a deposit on a house for your children or grandchildren if you have them.

If you just require a funeral plan and are aged over 50 you will also be accepted, and again there will be no questions asked about your health. By taking out such a plan you are taking the financial worry away from your loved ones, which will not only give you peace of mind, but them as well. Whatever policy you eventually choose you can sleep easy knowing the costs of your plan will never increase, no matter how much the cost of a funeral will be in the future.

Whatever your requirements are you can compare Phoenix life insurance plans with hundreds of other plans from UK’s top life insurers by completing our short form. You will receive a free quote provided by an experienced FSA adviser so you can rest assured about making the best decision possible knowing that if the unexpected were to happen your loved ones will be safe.